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(Moncton, N.B. – April 22, 2013) – As Canadians mark National Volunteer Week this week, the head of a New Brunswick literacy group is heaping praise on those who donate their time and caring to help adults in this province improve their literacy skills.


“We have about 300 trained tutors in New Brunswick who volunteer at least once a week, usually more, to provide an invaluable gift – the gift of helping others reshape their future,” says Deanna Allen, Executive Director of Laubach Literacy New Brunswick. “We greatly appreciate the commitment of our volunteers and sincerely thank them for the impact they have in creating a positive learning environment for so many adults.”

Laubach Literacy New Brunswick (LLNB) is a non-profit, charitable organization with literacy councils throughout the province made up of volunteers who help adults improve their reading, writing and math skills through a free, confidential program.


The trained volunteer tutors work one-to-one with adults, supporting various learning styles and cultural diversity, says Allen. In teaching, tutors use resources relevant to the literacy levels and daily lives of learners, she says.


“Tutors often do much more than help learners build their literacy skills,” Allen notes. “They sometimes become important role models and help improve an adult learner’s self confidence.”


Tutoring with LLNB is a wonderful, selfless way to help others learn how to help themselves, she adds.

For more information about tutoring programs offered by Laubach Literacy New Brunswick or for details on how to become a literacy volunteer, call (506) 384-6371 or 1-877-633-8899 or visit

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Deanna Allen, Executive Director, Laubach Literacy New Brunswick

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