Laubach Literacy New Brunswick

(Moncton, New Brunswick – January 24, 2013) – A New Brunswick literacy group is offering tips to encourage parents to have fun building their children’s reading and writing skills during Saturday’s Family Literacy Day – and year-round.


“From reading to your baby, to making a grocery list with older children, to planning a family trip with your teens, there are many fun ways to make literacy a regular part of your family life,” says Deanna Allen, Executive Director of Laubach Literacy New Brunswick (LLNB), a non-profit, charitable organization whose volunteers help New Brunswickers improve their reading, writing and math skills via a free, confidential program.


Created by the literacy foundation ABC Canada in 1999, Family Literacy Day is a national initiative held annually on January 27 to promote the importance of reading and learning as a family. To mark this Saturday’s event, LLNB invites parents to consider some of these literacy-building activities, ranging from activities for the very young to teens:


1)    Have your young child draw a picture, then label things in the drawing and put it on the refrigerator for all to view.

2)    Create a scrapbook. Cut out pictures of people and places with your child and label them. By exposing your child to words and letters, your child will begin to recognize letter shapes.

3)    Help your child start a journal. Explain what it is and discuss possible topics, such as making a new friend, an interesting school or home activity just completed, or how your child felt on the first day of school.

4)    Read a recipe aloud while you make dinner together.

5)    Put on a play with your child of his or her favorite story or collaborate on a new tale.

6)    Look at the day’s news in the paper or online and discuss something of interest.

7)    Learn something new together. Find a topic of interest in Google or Wikipedia and talk about it.

8)    Play a board game.

9)    Planning a vacation? Review maps with your child and encourage older children/teens to write or email tourism departments for brochures on places you plan to visit.

10)     Head to your local book store to browse titles or splurge on a new book.


“Spending as little as 15 minutes a day with your children can really make a difference in their literacy skills,” says Allen.

For more information or interviews, contact Deanna Allen, Executive Director, Laubach Literacy New Brunswick, (506) 384-6371 or 1-877-633-8899